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Virtual Caregiver Nutrition Group

Caregiver Nutrition Group (2).png

Group Format:

The Caregiver Nutrition Group consists of three parts: 

- Didactic (teaching) information on eating disorder awareness, nutrition, proper use of movement/exercise and related fueling of the body

- Portioning training

- Question/answer time


Group Policy:

Caregiver groups are not like traditional support groups wherein members can come and go as they please. Knowledge of eating disorder symptoms and how to support loved ones are significant factors in long-term recovery from this most deadly mental health problem. Receiving support from other caregivers who are also enduring the upheaval of an eating disorder within their family is an invaluable part of this group.

To help create a safe atmosphere in the group, members are asked to commit to a minimum of four sessions in order to be added to the group roster. Group members are then assumed to be committed to attending weekly and will be billed for missed sessions, unless they have advised the Office Manager of withdrawal from the group or an upcoming absence at least 24 hours ahead of the next session. Members on our group roster will automatically receive an appointment reminder 24 hours in advance of each session that contains a video link to the group meeting..

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