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Virtual Adolescent Anxiety Group

About Adolescent Anxiety

Adolescent anxiety can be very debilitating and runs in families. If not treated properly, the adolescent becomes increasingly avoidant, until they participate in very few normal activities. Exposure therapy is the number one, evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders, and once your family understands how to intervene with the harmless and temporary body sensations of anxiety, your child will no longer allow anxiety to run his/her life.

Group Policy

*Disclaimer: This is a treatment group rather than a support group (in support groups members may attend and participate intermittently). You will be committing to the first four sessions.


Our Virtual Anxiety Groups are not like traditional support groups where members can come and go as they please. Exposure therapy skills build on one another and group members set weekly goals to use their skills during live and imaginal exposures between group sessions. Our groups also offer the distinct benefit of sharing with peers which is unique to group work and not present in individual therapy.


Due to the safe atmosphere generated in the group, wherein members are discussing how their anxiety has dominated their lives, members are asked to commit to a minimum of four sessions—preferably consecutive—when joining the group, and are then added to the group roster. Group members are then assumed to be committed to attending the group weekly and will be billed for missed sessions, unless they have advised the office manager of withdrawal from the group or an upcoming absence at least 24 hours ahead of the next group session.  Members on our group roster will automatically receive an appointment reminder 24 hours in advance of each session that contains a video link to the group meeting.

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Learn about ERP skills and Group Format.

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